Tuesday, May 12, 2009


Work makes my life busy and makes myself apart from the real world. I am a working in technical world. Technology and the like. But my works makes me happy. Why? Simple reason, it makes myself think. Sometimes I found myself like a kid thinking how things work and trying to understand or discover the idea behind it. And for me, most of the time, thinking and analysis makes my day complete. There are things that I cannot stop thinking until I figure out and really understand what happened or what causes the things happened at work. I am always like this. I already knew myself from the first company where I develop my career up to the present company.

Photo I captured after I composed this post.

But there are times that work exhausted my mind. And that is the time I am thinking to do something else. Like watching movies in marathon, as in whole day. Or I will invite my two sisters to go out to the city and have some fun. Fun to me is not night out life, because I do not usually go out at night. Fun to me are like watching movies in cinema or theater. Dining out with friends and talk the whole day. These are the common stuff that I do right now especially if I do not have climb schedule or any trip with my mountaineering group. These days of my life, I find enjoyment aside from work. Before, my life was just work, but now it is totally different. It takes time for me to realize that I should enjoy life outside work.


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