Monday, April 27, 2009

Where Are We Going?

"Where are we going?". There are times that this question are so complicated to answer. Even myself sometimes struggle to find the answer of this difficult inquiry. But because this life in this world are so interesting, we might find ourselves learning where we wanted to go and even we might understand where are the other people are going.

There were two kinds of people. First, the people who knew where they are going. And second, the people who have no idea where they are moving. The people who knew where they are going are the people who have visions in their lives. They are the people who understand their selves. They know what they like, they know what they wanted to be and they can see their future. On the contrary, the people who has blurry knowledge about their selves are the people who does not know what they really like, no idea what they wanted to be and they are the people who do not know themselves.

We all experience the state of mind asking ourselves "What do I really want?", "Am I happy now?", "Is it worth doing this?", "Is this for real?". We are all under the process of understanding ourselves. Sometimes, it is confusing to understand ourselves and most of the time, it takes time before it happen.

Understanding where we are going is really important in our life because our future depends on it.


Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Pause For A Moment

Well I just thought to share what I experienced last Sunday. I was busy doing something and I checked the weather in the afternoon by looking at the sky outside the house and I guess it is going to rain. After an hour, rain fell. My younger sister invited me to go outside and play under the rain. At first, I rejected her and told her to go ahead on her own. Then, rain gets tougher, then I realized, it was a long time ago that I played under the rain. I stood up and I found myself outside the house and got wet under the rain. It felt good to feel the rain drops again with my face. The feeling was so strange like I never experience it before. The water was cold but it did not really bothered me. While I was soaking myself under the rain, I realized that sometimes it felt good to be just like under the rain, felt the simplicity of life. No problems, no work, like all the things that surrounded me are just nothing, it was just like me and the rain. I was like this for almost an hour, like my world had stop moving for a while, it made me relax for a moment.

Before I end that moment, I grab my digital camera and took some shots of the rain, most of them are not good..c",) but I chose best two for this blog.


Monday, April 20, 2009

Wonders Of The World Will Be Gone?

I know for myself that I love traveling specially if the place is really wonderful. For the past years, that I experienced to see the other world aside from my own country I am always stunned by the things that I discovered. But every time I see ugliness in one place I feel terribly sad. Most of the time, I asked myself, why this part of this place became like this? I am trying to find an answer if this was caused by nature. But most of the time I realized that it was caused by people's negligence.

I read, heard and watched news of all things that cause by destruction of the beauty of our world. First, endless war. Second, people's selfishness and greediness. Third, people's ignorance. And many more.

War resulted a massive destruction in natural habitat of human kind, animal and plant kingdom. As an example of this case, the historical places exist in Iraq. I learned that Iraq has lots of historic places and treasures that were already destroyed because of war. I hope there are still things and places that remain intact to preserve the heritage of this country.

People's selfishness and greediness also the main reasons why the wonders of this world ruined. We have lot of cases like this in my country. We have famous Pasig River, one of the biggest and longest river in Metro Manila but its beauty had gone a long time ago. Our government tried to do something to save it but they did not tried hard enough. There are lots of companies existed beside this river that contributes to the pollution of it and even there is task force or group tried to clean it up the cycle of contaminating the water are continuous and will not end.

People's ignorance also contributes to the destruction of the beauty of our world. People used to take nothing as responsibility to the environment. Most of these people did not realize that there are simple ways to take care of it. But I know there is hope, like the of one country that I admired which is Canada. I saw that they tried their best to take care of their environments. How? By very simple way. I saw that they tried to implement to separate garbage that can be recycle from non-recyclable. And they tried to manage their waste properly. And what will be the result of it at the end? Well, I once witness the beauty of their wonderful places which proves that their nature are very lucky with their people.

I am a person who still dream to see the other fascinating wonders of the world and wants to discover its unique beauty. But it maybe too late for me because most of them are endangered in the hands of human kind.


Thursday, April 16, 2009

Music As Part of My Life

When I was in high school, I was not a music lover. But, music became part of my life when I madly fell in love with someone when I was 16 years old. Since I was inspired, the type of music I was listening to had a themes of love and emotions.

Time passed, I was broken-hearted and I started to hate love songs or any similar sounds. My reactions and reasons were so obvious why I hated emotional music so much. I do not want to feel the pain or remember any of the past that broke my heart for the very first time in my life.

key chain traditional / cultural drums

Since I was trying to avoid love music, this directed me to change the music I wanted to hear. Rock or alternative rock replace the music I had been listening to. Alternative rock music helped me to forget all the heartaches happened to my life during my high school time. And I can say that there is a part of me being thankful, because of the situation happened to me, it led me discover one part of myself. I realized that I like the combination of sounds of drums and guitars. I love to hear the background music of the songs. I am fascinated to listen to the base sounds.

Up to this moment, I used to listen to alternative rock music. Not because I am still affected by my past, but because I fell in love with the type of sounds. I discovered lots of beautiful songs of old and new artist in this field. And there was a time that I dreamed to become part of the band, playing music instruments such as drummer (this is one of my frustration in my life that did not happened to me).

Music is part of my life. Maybe specific situation led me to appreciate it. My music preference changed but this led me to understand myself in another way.


Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Our Mind

clipart came from ms office

I read some books which tells us how powerful our minds can be. Something I learned few years ago, that the way we think affects our current and even our future life. Whatever we have in our thoughts become our reality. I do understand it. If I am pessimist to all things, I will get frustrated and that is not good for me. That is where the optimism have good effect. But sometimes, we can't control ourselves in different situation (but I know we should be always in control). Why? Maybe because we are not expecting things to be turn out different of what we wanted it. The effect will be surprises, so what should we do? Don't expect anymore? No one can really tell us what is going to happen in our life in the next seconds. I myself can think for now I am just writing something but I can't predict what is going to happen to me in the next seconds in my life. I can actually say that my minds right now think a lot of stuff and maybe I am not aware earlier but I am at this moment. My mind can shift from one thing to another in a matter of seconds and sometimes I will notice it but most of the time I did not.


Monday, April 13, 2009

Child's Dream

Every people in this world has their own dream since they were a child. But some people takes time to realize their real dreams and understand their heart wants. I met and found some people that their dreams are impossible to reach. Others will stop doing something to get it and others thrives their best to grab it. I myself once dream to be something but one thing I do understand, there are certain dreams that impossible to happen and most of the time I call it as fantasy. Some dreams are realistic and achievable. But some dreams are not meant to be. I am trying to categorize where is my child's dream belong. Is it fantasy? Is it realistic? Or is it not meant to be?

Fantasy means people are hoping of something but doing nothing to make the aspiration a reality. Dreams are realistic when things are achievable or feasible and people are making plans and commitments to reach the goal. Dreams are not meant to be when things happened to us differently and not the things that we are expecting even we do something.

When I was young, I wanted to become scientist someday and become astronaut. But I know that this dream will just be a dream. Why? First, there is no astronomy school in my country. For what I know that time, USA and other rich countries have astronomical school like NASA. But since I am not living in the USA, I know even I was a young that my dream is impossible to happen. Second reason, this dream will cost me a lot of money. I should be rich so that I have money to use for all expenses that I will be needed while studying astronomy but I am not rich. Third, I should be a genius to be able to pass the IQ standard of being scientist. By assessing this situation now, I can categorize my dream to be both fantasy and not meant to be.

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Every time there will be a situation that will cross myself to astronomy stuff, I can't help myself but dream as well as frustrated. But I know I have to be realistic in my point of view right now. I may not become an astronaut as what my dream when I was young but I know that most of my dreams became a reality. And all those dreams happened because I did something to make it happen. I planned it, I made certain steps and added some smart work in the process.

I just wanted to say that for me dream is always possible if our hearts are on it. We make plans, we execute and be smart. And I know that the most powerful in the universe made it happen.


Sunday, April 12, 2009

Time As A Gift

I am a third child of the family. I was born in a family with poverty. Both of my parents were not able to finish their studies due to lack of resources such as money. But even I lived my life in frugal way, I love my parents. Due to their unconditional love to us (their children), they were separated for a very long time. They were separated because my father took jobs from foreign countries. He had no choice during those time because for us, if he will not do it, probably, we were not able to finish our studies too. I remember that he mentioned to us before "Don't be like us, we haven't completed our studies and I will not allow that thing to happen to any of you, I will do everything but I wanted all of you to study hard. "

I was five years old when my father left us for his first job in Middle East. Only mail or letter was the communication of my parents to each other. We don't have telephones at home that time and what my mother did so that we were able to talk to my father was that she requested our neighbors with telephone to allows us to use it only when my father will call us. And our neighbors were too kind and agreed to my mother.

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I can say that my parents are far away from each other longer that they were together in their married years. And because of that I wanted to give them a gift. A gift which is "TIME". I hope I can give this gift to them, but as of this moment I am not good enough. My father is still working in European country which means he is still separated with my mother. I can only give this gift if both of my parents are not working anymore, they are living together and I am the one who supports them for their living.

I hope that right opportunity will come and I will able to return back the "TIME" to my parents that were lost for years and still being lost in their lives. This is my dream for my parents since I started my career six years ago.


Saturday, April 11, 2009

Blogging is Equal to Freedom?

This is my third blog. The first one are story telling of all my getaways and the second one is photo blogging about my world and my country. This time, I wanted to focus on ideas, thoughts and opinion, because I always find myself enjoying a conversation of a lot of things.

For the introduction, while I am trying to create new blog, I found myself having difficulty to create another blog. Why? All titles that comes to my mind are all existing in Google blogging world. Here are the sample titles that rejected by Google Blogger because its already existing:

"Wander and Wonder" -->
"I am who I am" -->
"Left In The Middle of Nowhere" -->
"Me, Myself and I" -->
"Conversation" -->
"Surrealism" -->

I checked the site hoping that it does not exist but the blog does exist. And I can't remember now all the other titles that I tried and every time I typed something that pops up to my mind the result are all existing. I got tired and almost impatient of creating a new blog. After this thing happened to me, one thing that I realized. "Blogging rocks the world" which means that there are lot of people engaging in free writing (whether in different type, style or mode of writing), photo showcasing, news casting and others. I am thinking what does this means to the real world. Does it mean that lot of people spending their time in front of their computers? Or does it mean that people get used to be alone and spend time writing instead of spending time with real people? Well, whatever does this mean, what I can see is that people are trying to voice out theirselves through letters and images because in blogging people have freedom. No one will restrict someone to write any topic that a writers wanted to write. No management will yell to a photographer to stick to the concept or idea of images. For me, blogging is one way of doing things that people do for personal freedom. This reason is one of mine too. I wanted to enjoy my freedom.


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