Friday, December 18, 2009

New in Everything?

It's almost two weeks had passed and probably I immediately settle down myself in the new world I am currently living in. Yes, there were tremendous changed happened in my life after I decided to accept the job offer I had abroad.

Now that I am in the so called "new world", I guess I have to accept the life that I maybe having here.

Here are the catch..

1. No more work after working hours (well this thing is kind of new to me, all my previous companies that I had, I used to work even after working hours - like being on call, work from home, or sometimes, need to go back to the office to resolve issues)

2. Traveling to work from and to probably boring or exciting (because my home is almost or more than an hour from home, but I don't have to waste my time, either I will sleep or have a book to read and enjoy my music together)

3. Cost of living is really high, but for two weeks, I learned if the price is good or not (although I knew that I will learn a lot in due time).

4. Although I am living with family abroad, I need to be independent to a lot of things (that's what the adult should be doing anyway).

5. I need to find a new hobby that will be fit with my working schedule (as of now I am still looking for that hobby since my mountaineering adventure will be in pause mode for the moment).

6. Mix culture and race are really diverse in the world I am moving in, and understanding different kind of culture, the way they live and being smart dealing with them will really help me.

I knew there are lot of new things that I may experience or going to happen in my life, but I guess I have to enjoy it, no need to hurry and no need to overwhelm myself.

Until then.


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