Monday, November 1, 2010

Year 2010

I just missed writing my own thoughts, I had been out a while and not able to update this blog of mine. While looking back of Year 2010, although its not ended yet, I remember the life that passed on me. I can say that Year 2010 is not really for me.

I experienced the saddest thing in my life. I had been in a place and I lived there in 11 months, it was a beautiful place for many people but for me its the loneliest place I had ever been.

I never enjoy my work not because I am tired of it but the real essence of my work is somewhat vague.

I had been far from family and friends, and away from my nature adventures.

Year 2010 may not been really good to me, but I see hope before it ends. New life comes into me and I look forward that the life I had were a trials to me.

I survived year 2010 and I learned a lot of things in life.


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